My Convention Plans
Hey Y'All

So where do I start, time off work, at this point in time i don't have any holidays or sick leave owing to me but if i have 4 or 5 days of annual leave up by mid April (bosses are checking and will get back to me) i will be attending FurDU, the dates i plan to be there are leaving this shit hole after work on 24th April and getting into Brisbane at about 5:30am the next day (12hr shift plus a long flight = sleeping on the plane), spend the day there then off to surfers :)

After FurDU might be a Perth Furs meet (i have no idea when that is) prolly in august but that all depends if its on my long break or not, so if it's not PFG, it might be a halloween meet in melbourne on 27th October where i have been invited to DJ :) and again that all depends if i'm living over that way by then.

If luck is on my side and i can make those 3 cons/meets, OMG MiDFur 14, this is a convention NOT to be missed, i will be there for this and DJing along side Husky for a night *giggles like a little school girl*, after having so much fun at the last MiDFur (or MiJFur), i have planned some extra time after the con. Those dates will be 29th November all the way to 17th December so i'll have plenty of time to hang with some awesome peeps.

I dont think i'll ever get over MiDFur so moving on from that, 2013 i hope to start going overseas, my first O/S con will be either Anthrocon or Eurofurence but leaning towards Eurofurence coz that might be in August and my birthday is in August so if i can, i plan to spend most of August in Germany and have an epic time at EF, lots of $$$$$$$$$$ to be saved :-o

After that, at this stage the only con after EF will be future MiDFur's so party on everyone and don't do anything stupid yea

That's all for now

DJ Zak

MiDFur 13
WOW What can i say, mi first ever con was MiDFur 12 2010 with my first firsuit, to be honest it wasn't all that much of a good experience for me, got to the hotel and my room had mould in it so they upgraded me for free, location wasn't all that great, had so many problems with my fursuit coz it was my first one and first time wearing one, not to mention i got it a week before i flew out and i was still at work so i didnt get a chance to get used to it, i didn't suit much that time.

Next con was FurDU 2011, that was somewhat better, still wasn't used to fursuiting due to working too many long hours and being in a non-fur town doesn't help my case either.

Following FurDU in april, i went to a lil fur meet here in WA in perth in august, same issue as per MiDFur and FurDU in regards to suiting.

Anyway, moving on from there, i had commissioned Joecifur (B3mascots) for another fursuit to be done for Anthrocon completion, it went past that so i was hoping to have it for the PFG fur meet in perth, it hadn't arrived yet but i am so kicking my self in the ass because i hit the road to perth at 6am, when i got to perth, i found out via courier tracking that my new fursuit was attempted delivery at about 9:40am, i was planning to leave at 10am but wanted to beat the heat and left early.

After that, i decided to give MiDFur another go and all i can say is WTF, after a 3000km drive, i am so glad i did, the hotel was better, the venue was beyond awesome, i got to meet some new peeps, i also suited as much as i could with my new suit and had soooo much fun i didn't want it to end, now i have PCD like you wouldn't believe ;( 

I'd like to give a shout-out to Husky, Darkentiger, BigBlueFox, CynWolfe and FizeoKitty, TaniDaReal and Nightfox, 2 gryphon, Jibba, Moski and partner, Vamero, Akemi and anyone else i met, you guys are awesome and i miss you all greatly.

Also a shout-out to ALL the MiDFur staff and board members for making it such an awesome convention.

I so cant wait for MiDFur 14, its going to be so awesome and possible a big event for me being my first real DJ gig, i'm going to be so nervous so just please support me if you can :)


See you all there
DJ Zak


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